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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Popular Video SEO Tactics


If you are not already using video content as an attractive strategy to reel in viewers and foot traffic, then you should be. The boom of the internet video wave has not died yet and it's high time you take advantage of it. SO the question remains, how DO you take advantage of the current marketing wave? Well with the right video production, proper placement, and creative SEO, you'll be on your way up the rankings and getting your site noticed.
It is believed in many SEO circles that it is easier to get ranked via video posting than it is to use regular content. This belief may be stemmed by the idea that video content in itself is more appealing to a currently bourgeoning social market that relies heavily on video clips for entertainment, education, and personal expression. It is because of this book in video watching and recording that basically states, "If you're not using video, you're behind the times".
If you are going to use YouTube to host your videos, then there are a few things that you want to consider. First is this; even if you have worries about what people may say, allowing comments on your video channel can actually be a good thing. Those comments can create what is called trending. And if the video becomes highly popular, it may be these comments that help your site or business pick up speed. If you don't feel entirely comfortable on allowing comments then you can also choose to allow only approved comments of which you can monitor yourself.
Adversely, YouTube may not be your cup of tea. If you are trying to get hits on your site then it would be in your best interest to host your video on your site itself. This way any hits on the SERP's (Search Engine Optimization Pages) will lead to your page. Either way, they key to making this whole strategy successful is to have a properly recorded, edited, and commented video make for you to help promote you or your business. A highly skilled video production and SEO team is your best bet to achieve that goal.
Just like with written and image content, doing the proper research on keywords is a needed step. You have to cover the very vague to the very specific and if you're a local SEO target, make sure to use regional references. Adding comments and location tags for your video helps to. If people come across your site in a local search and see that your video is local too, you'll only be helping your chances for their returned visit. There are a number of tools out there to help you, some of which are confusing and take time to master. Don't be afraid to consult a seasoned friend or professional expert to help you get your videos to the top ranking.
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