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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Now Make Money Free with Tagvillage Training in Urdu, Hindi,English

Why Trade Tags at Tagvillage?

We are building an exciting new community circle where the primary mission is to make the biggest impact possible on charities and other humanitarian causes throughout the world. Tagvillage is a vibrant community where our members connect, earn, and share. They also win big in the Tagvillage Bazaar (market!)

Charities benefit the most
Tagvillage is officially established as the world's very first Tithing Company. It is mandated by our corporate by-laws that we MUST donate 10% of our revenue to charities every single week. Yes you read that correctly. We donate from the very top, our gross sales, not from our bottom-line profits. It is our mission to make the greatest impact possible on wonderful charities and other humanitarian causes. Imagine if Google and Facebook gave 10% of every dollar they received to charities each week!

Google & Facebook generate billions of dollars in sales, by allowing advertisers to display ads that targeted keywords. Google and Facebook are basically like television channels. Audience looks at the pages and interacts with them. All the while advertisers are displaying advertisements that are associated with the Keywords on the page.

Introduction to Tagvillage in Urdu

Tagvillage in urdu Part1
Tagvillage in urdu Part2 
Tagvillage in urdu Part3 

Working Process Just Buy, Sell and Trade Tags with any Another. Kindly Join with My Referral Link.


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