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Sunday, 23 September 2012

How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Knowing Competitive Ad Filter

How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Knowing Competitive Ad Filter. Till date i firmly believe that Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online, people who are using Google Adsense might have noticed that, in every month there is one thing frequently happens in almost all of our sites or blogs and which lasts for 1 or almost 5 days. And that is Google pay you very low for the displaying ads, so you will notice significant decrease in eCPM (effective cost per thousand impression) and CPC (cost per click) for that period of time

What is Competitive Ad Filter?
    Google AdSense provides the functionality to block specific ads from appearing on your pages. Although Google ads are highly targeted to the content of your page, there may be situations in which you don't want to display particular advertisements -­ for example, you may wish to block ads leading to competitors' sites.

- The competitive ad filter works by blocking ads that link to specific URLs. This way, you can easily block all ads that are linked to your competitor at By entering a top level domain such as, you'll also block all ads that link to subdirectories below that domain.

Using the Competitive Ad Filter

- In 5 easy steps below, I'll show you how to set up your competitive ad filter from within your AdSense account.

   1. To edit your filter list, sign in to your AdSense account.
   2. Click the AdSense Setup tab.
   3. Click the Competitive Ad Filter link. This page will display the URLs currently being filtered for your account. 

 Choose the appropriate product sub-tab and click Add / Edit Sites.
Copy the URL from the ad into your filter list. There are a couple of ways to find this URL - both methods are described here, you need to just right click on Ad,and copy url of that code (Never click on your own ads to find url)  

    - It would look like something given above and you need to find addurl portion and you will get the url of the low performing ads. Just add the url in the block list sites.
  2. Click Save Changes to add these sites to your competitive ad filter. It usually takes about 30 minutes for your changes to take effect, so you'll continue to see ads for these sites on your pages for a little while. If filtered ads are still appearing after a day, please contact Google Adsense Team.


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