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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Check AdSense Earning Through Google Chrome Extension

For chrome browser AdSense team has provided an opportunity that it has release a toolbar contains two main features, first by using it and without leaving the page you can face the view of your earning, second is more important ad more useful ,when you visit your site your ad units will have an overlay which shows their performance. 

The current day earning shows by earning tab and overlay also. Previous day earning and earning of last whole week both have a link to your AdSense dashboard while the unit overlay also has a link to edit the unit. 

In one side of your browser window the snapshot of your AdSense account performance will be shown as a widget during viewing of website. It also include ad overlays that describe the current performance of specific ad units, and having the option to access AdSense directly.

AdSense Unit Overlay:

How To Use The New AdSense Publisher Toolbar

1. This toolbar is only for the Google Chrome browser so while using the chrome browser visit thisAdSense Publisher Toolbar Extension Page.

2. Grant the permissions required.

3. Finally to implement the overlays on your sites ad units visit your site, click on the toolbar icon and grant permissions.

More information can be found on the AdSense Blog and AdSense Help Page.

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