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Sunday, 23 September 2012

10 ways the content of high quality research

The phrase "content is King" and was thankful to Mustattu SEO often during the past ten years. Help change the current Google algorithm, set the reputation of marketing content. Google wants to be the level of fresh content that is original, the most popular social and quality. The bar increases the marketing groups. You can earn an average salary or the content too. Winner of the amateur.

This compatibility in the Crown of the Kingdom of India most of the content is really difficult, our customers and our competitors, to determine the contents of the original contents of the control standard of dress and beat love tool can produce a field of competitors is smart. High quality content will attract traffic and create a very long term.

The program content of the type 10 functions at the arsenal research. You must have:

Unique. Before you create content to you it is not safe to be there. Put your spin and presses is of course the content of the sites or channels in different areas.
Your spelling is essential. Create a method to collect and review. Blogs and social channels.
As a result of the request. Research, analyze and know what keywords send traffic to specific pages. Continue with the production of content and keywords is no responses to ensure that the home page is the best post information related to the keywords.
Resources. The opportunities your company is unique. The leaders in the Organization and development, research and studies or surveys, identify you use industry discussion. Month of aluminium sheet white paper said: you talk to can create YouTube video webinar, social media, blogs, and surveys and charts and more in this study.
It will be interesting. FAQ-jump and dictionaries, giving the bread alone, no, if you read the actual value. Do you need a new perspective on this subject? Social media, blogs, news and discussions.
The device or channel. Please keep in mind that content. The ideal mobile device? It would be better to have the video to social media or content?
A guide to the next step. Shy. Give users who know what is going on, the optimized landing page is a page level. With each test. Measures to improve navigation, buttons, images and the use of continuous testing, optimizing the call.
The host is good. Let site visitors and content quality waste of your time. Touch. Keep, keep the link and the download worked.
A few. Question: If you want to share this article with a friend or colleague. In honor of social symbols (for example) Add (Facebook & Google + 1 button) much easier. Don't forget, the common problems of network content.
It would be great. Hold fast in a cool place and content. The search algorithm. The blog is always a good way of keeping his post, comment and mark in the news. We regularly and publish the result.

Today show promise of 6 or 12 months to make the contents. The ability to create successful r & d resources and effort to the content to followers.


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